On 30th September 2017, the Congolese American Foundation held a conference in Washington C entitled “Engaging American Christians to Stand for Peace and Democracy in Congo”. Many churches, organizations and individual Christians present at the conference, affirmed their determination to work for peace and Justice for Congo.


Alarmed by the high cost of violence in Congo which had so far claimed more than 7 million people the continuation of human rights abuses in Beni and in the Kasai as well as the endless political instability, the participants to this conference resolved to launch an inclusive coalition of Christians as a means for the fulfilment of their mission.

Deploring the fact that despite all the peacebuilding efforts and humanitarian assistance provided by churches or other governmental agencies the situation in Congo is getting worse

Bearing in mind that the role of good governance and legitimate institutions are crucial in all efforts of development and stability of any country.


Convinced that “as there is nothing more desirable or advantageous than peace when founded in justice and honor, so there is nothing more shameful and at the same time more pernicious when obtained by bad measures and purchased at the price of liberty”.


This new initiative will be Known as


Mission.  CCJP is committed to fostering justice, positive peace and democracy in Congo through a holistic approach using diverse interventions ranging from education, advocacy, capacity building, restorative justice, social justice and development

  1. CCJPC encourages Christians

to walk in the footsteps of our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ:” Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called children of God”,

 to emulate Rev William Sheppard and other missionaries to Congo who in the 1990 joined courage to their faith and challenged King Leopold II of Belgium over his horrendous crimes in Congo,

 to be mindful of their moral responsibility and show compassion to their fellow Christians in Congo. Indeed,” According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Congo has been the largest producer of new Christian martyrs in the world for the last two decades, at one stage averaging almost 90,000 Christian victims a year “(CRUX Staff 2017),


The cornerstone of CCJPC advocacy campaign will evolve around the Public Law 109-456. This law known as “The Democratic Republic of Congo Relief, Security and Promotion Act” was signed in 2006 by president Bush. This law mandates that the US shall promote Relief, Security and democracy in Congo.


  1. further requests Christians to call the Secretary of State urging him to fully implement the DRC law,
  2. Calls upon Christians, Churches and other Christians organization to join the efforts of the coalition.
  3. Solemnly affirms that neutrality in situation of oppression is simply taking the side of the oppressors.